Earn ETH rewards & fund projects you care about

Earn ETH rewards & fund projects you care about

Octant aims to become the first self-sustaining global public goods funding ecosystem that balances the common good and individual financial empowerment

How it works


Every 90 day epoch, a range of public good projects will be chosen by the community in collaboration with the Golem Foundation.


Participate by locking a minimum of 100 GLM tokens. In the next epoch, you'll receive ETH rewards based on a weighted average.


From Epoch 2, rewards can be withdrawn or donated to projects. Octant will match donations, multiplying their impact.


The Golem Foundation has staked 100,000 ETH, with the majority of the yield going to Octant to support user rewards.


Why build Octant?

We are building Octant to advance the understanding and practice of decentralized governance, promote community engagement, and support public goods projects in the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystems.

Who is Octant for?

Initially it is intended for the community of GLM token holders, but all are welcome. Note that GLM tokens are required for locking.

How do I participate?

Lock at least 100 GLM with Octant to earn user rewards in ETH. By the end of the epoch, your rewards will be determined by a time-weighted average: the longer you keep your tokens with Octant, the more you'll earn. After the epoch ends, you can either withdraw your ETH or contribute it to shortlisted public good projects. Donations receive an added boost from the matching pool, amplifying their impact.

Can I join Octant at any time?

Absolutely! You can join Octant whenever you wish.

Is the time-locking mechanism custodial?

No. You retain full control of your tokens.

How are the rewards funded?

Golem Foundation has staked 100,000 ETH from its treasury, allocating a portion of the staking yield to Octant.

Why does it use GLM tokens?

The Golem Foundation’s mission is to bring value to the GLM ecosystem, and Octant is one project produced as part of that mission.

Where do I get GLM tokens?

That might depend on your jurisdiction, but GLM is widely available on most exchanges, decentralised and otherwise.

How are the projects chosen?

Initially the Golem Foundation will take the lead by setting some basic eligibility criteria while seeking community input for project suggestions. Ultimately the process will be completely community-driven.